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Welcome to the Wiki page for the Red Cross Youth Conference 2009 that will take place at the Marriot Yorkville from Oct 23-25! You can use this page to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions about various components about the conference.

Currently, the schedule is


Registration 2-5
Dinner 5:30-7
Keynote (to inspire) 7-8 Get to know each other activity 8-9:30


Breakfast 8-9
Red Cross game 9-10 (i.e. scavenger hunt)
Workshop #1 10:15-11:15
Workshop #2 11:30-12:30
Lunch and keynote speaker 12:30-2 Madeline
Workshop #3 2:15-3:15
Workshop #4 3:30-4:30 Dinner plus entertainment 7-9


Breakfast 8:30-9:30
Workshop #5 9:45-10:45
Panel 11-12 Lunch and farewell 12-1:30

We'd really like your ideas and feedback on the following aspects of the conference:

1. Which topics would you like to see in a keynote speaker? (i.e. international humanitarian law, Red Cross overseas, infectious diseases, etc).
- -

2. Which workshops would you like to see at the conference? (What has worked well for you in the past? What hasn't?)
- -

3. Do you know of a good get to know you activity for the Friday night? (~100 attendees) What have you seen/done that has worked before? What hasn't?

4. What sort of entertainment you/you'd think will work well for the Saturday night?
5. What sort of gifts should keynote speakers receive?
- -

6. What should conference attendees receive in their conference materials?
7. What do you like to see in the conference?
- -


Conference Planning Team 2009

Feel free to send us an email at redcrossyouthconference2009 AT gmail dot com

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