The Conferences Wikia was created by Angela in April 2005 to provide a space for collaboration between anyone attending or planning a conference. As well as being able to make conference plans before the event, members can collaborate during the conference, and continue working together afterwards. All conference planning, reports, and live collaborations are welcome on this wiki.

Creating an entire wiki about a single conference is often not feasible, either because it will lack content or interest, or because no one has the technical skills needed to set one up. The Conferences Wikia solves this problem by having a wiki with a ever-changing community and constant new information where people are editing collaboratively, without the need for the attendants at one particular conference to maintain that wiki forever.

This wiki is a permanent site for conference-related content, which prevents the need to find someone with the ability to set up a new wiki at every conference. Next time you attend a conference and someone says "let's set up a wiki", please point them here instead!

Contact infoEdit

There is a mailing list for discussion of this wiki and conferences in general at conferences-l.

For general help with Wikia, please ask at the Wikia:Community portal.

See also Wikia:Contact us.

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